That’s A Lot Of Malarkey

12 Dec

Last week, my daughter treated me to front row seats to hear Vice President Joe Biden while on his “American Promise Tour.”  Hosted by Melinda Gates, Biden discussed the importance of “Finding Purpose In a Time of Uncertainty.”  And, he spoke about his amazing eight years of vice presidency with Obama.  Much of his discussion is in his book titled “Promise me, dad.”  While reading my complementary copy of his book, I though about how Joe used his down-home Scranton Pennsylvanian phrase “that’s a lot of malarkey” when correcting political adversaries who lie.  Such personality makes him likable by Democrats,  independents, and many Republicans, because Biden demonstrates honesty of the highest distinction by informing voters when political adversaries lie.

 Truth be told, a large segment of Americans, whom Hillary Clinton refered to as “Deplorables,” consider themselves enlightened when their champion politician deviate from the truth.   By accepting a politician’s lie, they feel at one with their liar because the lie is a perfect fit with their predetermined opinion about an issues or person.   As Bubba would explain it, “Why waste time troubling my brain to think when this here fella already said what I though that Obama ain’t an American.”


With his longstanding birtherism ideology in tow,  Pseudologist-In-Chief, Donald John Trump exploded onto the American’s political stage like a Chicago Typewriter. “Believe me” prefaced lies, which flowed in greater abundance from the lips of silver-tongued Donald than water over Niagara Falls.  Let’s not forget that politicians are masters at speaking equivocally, evasively, or to be perfectly frank, lying.  At early stages of political life, they learn to weave prevarications by adding subtle nuances of the truth rather than telling an outright lie.  Though most of us regret our childhood accentuated with “telling tales” and “white lies,” baldface lies by elected political leaders now obscure the authenticity of critical national, state, and local issues.

That said, civility is often a hindrance to truthfulness in politics.   Allow me to explain.  The greatest weakness of Democrats is they are politically innocuous.  They get distracted, bogged down in gobbledygook details concerning singular constituent issues. In short, Democrats personify the term “one-trick-pony.”   Mainly, with the exception of Joe Biden and Bill Clinton, they are inept because they don’t know how to “explain stuff” like Republicans.  It’s true Republicans lie, but their lies are convincing, simple, to the point, and ever flowing.   Like spinners of yarn, one threaded lie after another, with no chance to allow Democratic opponents to refute their previous dishonest statement.   Just as breathing comes natural to humans when spanked on the bottom at birth, lying comes natural to many Republicans. Which leads me back to The Donald.

Although he won the Republican nomination, many Republicans hazard the thought, “Is Trump one of us.” Is he a Republican?  Politically, he is detached from William Buckley brand of conservatism.  “Lyin’ Ted,” “little Marco,” and Jeff Flakey” and other ad hominem attacks against Republican rivals left little doubt that he will not hesitate to break the Eleventh Republican Commandment popularized by Ronald Reagan that “thou shall not speak ill of another Republican.”  Regardless of his intimidation and abusively laying waste to GOP rivals, frighten Republicans had no choice but to accept him into the bosom of the Grand O’ Party.   Republican or not, the Donald is the characterization of an egotistical politician emancipated from shame, civility, and truthfulness.  His persona inhibits the news media from catching up with his duplicities.  Simply put, the artful Donald  is always one falsehood ahead of the truth.  And, Democrats, unlike Joe Biden are too polite to say, “that’s a dam lie.”  Or, “that’s a lot of malarkey.”

While Democrats continue to voice singular issues, the wily Donald continue to leave them and the ham-fisted news media in the dust with elaborate red meat talking points about building the wall, Hillary’s three thousand e-mails, and phantom national programs, even he can’t possibly explain.  And, lets not forget his birther stance was the initial duplicitous rant that propelled him into the highest office in the land.

Please be mindful that I am simply refering to how Republicans, managed by Trump, are better able to convey their messages to convince voters.  In the context of voter appeal, it doesn’t matter if the message is false if it is not controverted and exposed as a lie by Democrats.  For example, when a Republican utters a lie, Miss Manners Democrats typically respond by saying “well… I don’t know,” “I don’t quite agree with that,” or “that statement is misleading,” or” that doesn’t sound true,” and other weak and pathetic comebacks.

Simply put, Democrats have ignored the meaning of truthfulness.   It is not ignoring lies fabricated by political adversaries.  It is speaking the truth.  As, truth is silent in the face of a lie, unless a venerable person denounces the lie.  Though falsehoods are easy and pleasing to the ear, they deviate from conventional wisdom, and most often result in animosities and harming others.  Truth, unlike lies, is an essential part of honesty, civility, justice, Integrity, prudence, and most importantly, the respect of others. It is following the lead of Joe Biden by being straightforward to people you serve by exposing, and admonishing disingenuous statement by saying without equanimity “that’s a lot of Malarkey.”


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