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About Me “Pappachoppers” is my chosen pen (nom de plume), or literary name. Not initially a pseudonym, because its my daughter’s happy nickname for me. I say “happy,” because when displeased, my name will then be an extremely refined “Dad!” I haven’t the foggiest ideal where or how she came up with “Pappachoppers,” but I like it as much as I love her for giving it to me, and her encouraging me to post a blog. My preference to remain anonymous correlates directly with the subject of many of my blogs. As, it is my passion to expose the lack of truth and civility in America’s politics by politicians, political pundits, talk show host, and the public. However, I do appreciate your views, and will reply to any civil comments and recommendations. Thank You ~ Pappachoppers AKA Truth Sayer

A Petulant Child

Many of us have read comments which suggested that Donald J. Trump has numerous location options to host his State of the Union Address.   After  his embarrassing capitulation to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “hell no you ain’t having it here, now git” ultimatum, baby Trump was indeed in a foul mood.  It’s shouldn’t be overlooked that a few supportive state governors offered accommodations to gain favor from their  MAGA hero, even at the expense of their citizenry.  I’ve taken the liberty not to mentioned the names of these governors, as Trump’s vociferous rebuff has already caused them great embarrassment.  But what these governors, and many others fail to understand is, Trump has the civility and mannerism of an ungovernable insolent child.  He will not accept anything less than the hallowed chamber of the People’s House. Unfortunately for Trump, it’s Nancy’s house.  A grievous insult  that was made worst by the insulting invitations to host his State of the Union in the very impoverished states he detested.  “It would be no different than my buddy  Vladimir Putin attending a luncheon at a pheasant’s cottage” wailed the ill-tempered Trump.  It just won’t happen.    Unbeknownst to many Americans, the best location for the State of the Union Address is the US government owned John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  It’s an abesolutely beautiful facility that’s capable of accommodating many more guest than the congressional House.   In fact, I’ve attended a concert there: An excellent fit for the occasion. However, temper tantrum Trump already rejected the ideal.  Though the Fox News auditorium was available, the impertinent Trump rejected their ideal outright, even though Rush and Ann Coulter promised to be their for him.   “It just isn’t fair” whimpered Trump, “that Nancy could do this to me.”   “I wish Flynn and Paul were here, cause they’ll know what to do.” 

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Is anyone keeping track of Donald Trump’s lies?

Firstly, it must be universally understood that utterring, writing, or tweeting a half truth is a lie; falsely denying a previous utterance or tweet is a lie; omitting/omission or changing of a critical fact within a statement is a lie (For example, staring that Mexico is going to pay for the wall, then later stating that Mexico is going to pay for the wall because of a (not yet materialized) trade deal) is also a lie. Finally, statements made by Trump that lack clarity or unintelligible are not deemed lies. Such as, “covfefe.” Linguists Have yet to figure it out the intent of this statement.

False statements made by Trump, later claim that he was being sarcastic or wrong shall remain a lie. For example, when he stated that President Obama was the “founder of ISIS,” and Obama was not born in the United States. Those are lies because he used such easily disproven statements for his political gain.

Yes, though it is arduous task, fact checkers do go back and check each of Trump’s verbal, written, and tweets statement to determine if it is a lie. It has been discovered that results are better achieved when initially assuming Trump statements are false. Simply because Trump utter and tweet significantly more false statements that the truth, it is easer to determine what is true, though it does not happen often.

Finally, Trump’s bombardment of misleading statements and bald face lies require multiple teams of journalists throughout the world working around the clock to inform the public when he lies. “According to the Washington Post’s Fact Checker tallied up the total of Mr Trump’s false statements and downright lies from Inauguration Day to January 20, 2019, and the number is astonishing: 8,158.” It’s not anticipated that Trump will utter fewer lies, as his average is now 15 lies a day. Lies flow from his lips as gracefully as water going over the Niagara Falls, yet disconcerting as many Americans are addicted to Trump’s untruths as they are consistent with their understanding of the world around them.

Reference: Trump’s Twitter Year of Outrage and Braggadocio…

Trump told more than 8,000 falsehoods in 2 years, fact checker says


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Ohio Republican Secretary Of Treasure’s Folly

Despite being warned by numerous respected financial experts, the Ohio Republican Secretary of Treasurer made the utterly stupid decision that Ohio taxpayers can now pay their real estate taxes using the highly speculative Bitcoin. For those who aren’t aware of this financial tender, it’s…….. Well…… imaginary money….. I know, it’s virtual money. No different from money we use in the board game Monopoly, except that you can’t hold it or see it. In actuality, Bitcoin is not much different from the IOU given to you by One-Eye Charlie when you loaned him $20 to buy his rot gut vodka. Anyway, Bitcoin fell in the lower part of the market basement. From a high of $19 039 dollars on December 18, last year to a paltry $3,531.18 as of December 8th. My one and only question to the Republican Ohio Secretary of State is: Why didn’t you drag Bernie Madoff’s ass out of the penitentiary and invested in his snake-oil investment? At least his lie of forthcoming great wealth had nor class and was substantially more appealing.

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Posted by on December 10, 2018 in Politics


The hidden horrors of Nationalism

In just a few words French president Emmanuel Macron educated the world regarding the concept of “nationalism.” Just because many Americans are completely ignorant about the political philosophy of a “socialist,” and the many socialistic programs in America, it does not mean they are ignorant of the political ramifications of “nationalism.” The few who deny the adverse affects of nationalism are those who ignore or who are ignorant of its meaning and existence. Sadly, many Americans lay claim to nationalistic pride. “You’re in America now, speak English,“ “He’s not one of us;” and “Any guy who can do a body slam, he’s my type” are but a few divisive phrases use to perpetuate nationalism. Not to forget the ever increasing physical assaults and insults against immigrants, those who look, or have beliefs that are different. It is far too soon to forget the most heinous form of nationalism know as the Lebensraum doctrine, or “living space.” Even now, acts genocide committed in the name of national pride by nations across the globe continue to this day. The best way to defeat “nationalism” is to expose its history and true meaning and historical purpose as French President Emmanuel Macron who said “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. By saying our interests first, who cares about the others, we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes it great and what is essential: its moral values. I know there are old demons which are coming back to the surface. They are ready to wreak chaos and death.” And, “History sometimes threatens to take its sinister course once again.” Fair minded Americans must understand that “nationalism” is inextricably alined with anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, birtherism, and other ideologies inconsistent and counter productive with the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence.

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Nothing on this unit is repairable

Do racists know what taking a knee is all about” you ask?   No they don’t, because racist have a clearly defined, though erroneous, preset ideals about the people they despise.    They will ignore  undisputed proven facts and arguments from those they hate.   Choosing only the explanation which makes them, and like minded racist comfortable.     And, attempts to disguise their racial hate, they make comments such as “some of my best friends are Black,”  or while eating a taco bowl yelling “Happy Cinco de Mayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!” My favorite racist comment is, “Look at my African-American over here,  “Look at him!”  The most disturbing fact is that these trite utterances are enough to convince many fair mined people to believe them.   Fact is, racist are convinced that whoever takes a knee are anti-American, not Christian, unpatriotic, a means to vilify veterans and those who died in defense of this country, and a liberal.    Sadly, nothing can be done about their preconceived racist ideals.   They remind me of the label  “ Nothing on this unit is repairable from this point” on a machine I was attempting to fix.   So, I tossed it in the trash container.

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Uncle Vic

Ok my Democratic friends, I’ve heard enough about why you think that Manafort will turn on Trump to lift some of that hard time off his potential sentence.  Please allow me to explain why he will keep his mouth shut.   Some time ago Living large Paul and his buddy Ricky gates decided to run with the big boys of Eastern Europe.    Specifically, “Uncle Vic” AKA Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych.   After all, Uncle Vic was ruling the Ukraine, and he took a liking to Pauk.     What Paul and his buddy didn’t count on was Uncle Vic being ran out of the country.  Right into the arms of the big dog: Trump’s buddy Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.     Oh I know you Dems have been chatting about Paul’s illegal activities related to banking, money laundering, and other sordid activities.   But that’s not Paul’s concern, nor does it matter.   What is important was Paul was obligated to bring 17 million dollars worth of U.S. influence back to Uncle Viic and the Big Dog.    Since Vic is now a displaced person in Russia, he had to return Uncle’s money.    Which of course he already spent.   And, he knows if he have a chat with Mueller or the prosecutor in NY, Uncle Vic’s name will certainly come up.   That can’t happen because he knows that Uncle Vic likes his privacy.   Now Paul being the observant fella he is, took note of the big stick next to Uncle Vic’s desk.  He knew it was made of Ukrainian Hard wood soaked in motor oil to keep from splintering.     That convinced him that the penitentiary was his best alternative.    After all, it did have it’s advantages.   It’s a gated community with  Security guards and cameras throughout with no monthly charges.   All utilities was at no charge to residents.     And to add to the luxurious accommodations, a uniformed doorman was always at beck and call whenever one enter and leave their quarters.   It don’t get any better than that.  Yeah!

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Believe Me

Birther Trump reached a historic presidential pinnacle today according to the Washington Post. “Lyin’” Trump uttered his two-thousandth lie since entering the Adult Child Care Center, formerly called the Whitehouse. Lying two thousand time, though unprecedented by former presidents, is an ho-hum achievement by Trump’s standard of truth. When I look back at his many prevarications, the only question I could muster to ask is how did we get to this moment, and why would so many voters consider a habitual lier fit to hold the highest office in the land? I was quickly reminded of the truly moronic Otter that trusted a snake who said “believe me.”

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